• "Everywhere there’s an expression of worship, there's an opportunity to encounter God. All of creation is worshipping Him right now in ways He cannot resist."

    • Ray Hughes

    • "Live your songs in such a way that your memories become melodies and your melodies become memorable."

    • Ray Hughes

    • "The Creator created you to be creative"

    • Ray Hughes

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january, 2015

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Releasing the Musical Militia - New Orleans

24 - 25

Rock City Corpus - Corpus Christi, Texas

See What I'm Sayin'

  • 27

  • The significance of the age 27.

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Ray Hughes
  • Ray Hughes

  • Selah Ministries Founder
  • Ray, founder of Selah Ministries, has been in full time ministry for 43 years.  He received his Doctorate of Divinity in 1996.  He travels in the U.S. and internationally as a spea... [read more]